Four ways social media can benefit your business

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We all know the power of social media , especially where business is concerned. It seems like everyone and their dog literally has a twitter account or Instagram presence, which is what inspired Wellington Holbrook, executive vice-president of ATB Business, to ask how you use social media to benefit your business. Read on for four ways it can make a difference, or catch the full spread in the March 12th edition of the Edmonton Journal.

Four ways social media can benefit your business:

1. It connects you with new and existing customers.

bree-emmerson“To stay connected to the community as well as my clients. For me, it’s less about promotion and more about interacting. Without social media, I wouldn’t have made the connections that I have in Edmonton, both for business and for personal networking.” — Bree Emmerson, principal at BE3Designs

PamellaHeikel“Social media is a natural extension to have real-time dialogue with customers and your community. The ways in which we are communicating are changing, however the need and importance of being social will never change. Connect, engage, and most of all, be authentic and honest. This is how we build trust.” — Pamella Heikel, principal of Ella Said

2. It allows you to promote your business.

CodyOsborne“Given that we do a lot of business in the e-commerce realm, we can link directly to our online store and have the benefits of targeted traditional media and PR on a fishing line budget.” — Cody Osborne, owner and president of GNUGEN Lures

CatherineLalonde“We use social media to increase awareness around our brand and services, with the goal of increasing our number of bookings. It’s a great tool to initiate conversation and engage with like-minded people, as well as potential new clients and community partners.” — Catherine Lalonde, creative director and founder of Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa Inc.

3.  It gives you the opportunity to up the ante with your customer service.

ChrisMikulin“We also use social media to quickly answer our customer’s questions and get feedback on products. It’s the quickest way to connect with our customers and find out what they want.” — Chris Mikulin, digital strategist at Kick Point

GayleBoyd“I use social media to connect and build relationships with my customers. For a small independent business like mine, individualized customer service is one of the advantages I have over big box stores. Social media allows me to receive feedback from customers and lets them spread the word when they are happy with their experience. It has also allowed me to build a network with other small business owners and share with my customers other products and services I think they would like — when we promote each other, we all benefit!” — Gayle Boyd, owner of Lilypad Lane

4. It allows you to gather information.

ScottCuthbert“To harness the collective genius of safety professionals around the world… We rely on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ to engage with thousands of safety professionals who generously provide their support, advice and expertise to help us make Safeopedia great. The response has been overwhelming and we can barely keep up!” — Scott Cuthbert, founder of Safeopedia

PaulPatterson“Social media helps our business connect and engage with our customers, which gives us quick and valuable feedback that we can use almost instantly. It also provides us with a platform for gauging the pulse of the industry we are in, and allows us to test the market we are targeting. We can quickly spot trends and behaviors, and even get a glimpse of what our competitors are doing, all by strategically analyzing social media content.” — Paul Patterson, founder of Citizen 39

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Photo by Elvert Barnes, shared under Creative Commons License.